Balloons for the Bride to be !

Hello everyone,

How exciting ! Our very first blog post. We look forward to creating some fun content after all that is what we enjoy doing … being creative !

Today we wish to share the importance of the atmosphere you create with relation to events. We all remember experiences that are unique right? We are left thinking about something if it has impact. When an important date in your life occurs you wish for it to be something unforgettable.

A picture says a thousand words and we couldn’t agree more ! Why not make that picture worth so much more, by creating an exciting photo wall for both you and your guests to enjoy.


It is important to consider the experience you wish your guests to have. A successful event leaves a lasting impression. Guests should feel invited and included therefore creating a lovely energy that then allows your guests to feel comfortable within the space they are in.


The visual appeal of an occasion can drastically change the way we remember something. We offer a range of both full photo wall installs as well as DIY hire.  All you have to do is enquire – We look forward to hearing from you !




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